We say that every day is Valentine’s Day, but we all know that deep down we’re secretly waiting to be pampered and romanticized a little extra on V-DAY! A little extra love, a little extra romance and a lot of extra effort for the perfect gift, to show your better half just how much they mean to you. The struggle is real, but don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some pretty cute gift ideas!


You can never go wrong with a bouquet, basket or even a single flower. Be it roses, lilies, tulips or carnations, flowers have a way of making your girl smile. Maybe because whenever she sees them, the thought of it reminds her of you. If you think that flowers are just too simple for your girl, why not mix it up and send it in a Parisian Hat Box, because that’s what’s trending right now. Simple, yet elegant! Little things like these can make a big impact on your girl. You could even give her a bright, bold single sunflower just because she brightens up your everyday. Just talk to the experts.

Salt Suggests – Flowers by Blooms (@flowersbyblooms), Oopsy Daisy (@oopsydaisylk)


Jewelry is like ice cream. There’s always room for more. Even if you’re not a person that likes bold, bright jewelry, you could always go for something simple and charming. Again, that depends on your taste and more importantly, theirs. Why not go for something bold and bright like your love for her? Resin jewelry would be ideal for her! You could also get something customized or engraved, like their name or initials in the form of a chain or bracelet! Maybe even get them a piece of jewelry that they could ideally wear anywhere, so it feels like you’re always with them.

Salt Suggests – The Craft Avenue (@thecraftavenue_) , Markuise (@mymarkuise) , Feather Project (@featherproject)


Do you want your loved one to constantly be remembered by the thought of you? Something that they can cherish forever? Well then, why not gift them a piece of string art? You can get it customized to something they are a fan of or adore, a quote they love, or your two names and maybe even add in a picture of the two of you. The choices are broad and all yours!

Salt Suggests- Shoelace Studio (@shoelace_studio), String (, Adorabell (@adorabell_lk)


What better gift than a box of little goodies specially chosen out just for you? We’ve seen some beautifully curated boxes given out as gifts. His favorite perfume, a belt, and maybe a watch. A box of her favorite chocolates, a customized mug, a notebook, the choice is yours. It’s a little box of joy and surprise! Try it, we’re pretty sure your partner is going to love this!

Salt Suggests – Boxalate (, Robed Gift Works (@robedsl), Basketeer (@basketeersrilanka)


Fate, serendipity or blind luck; call it what you want. To be at the same place, at the same time with your special person when you first met them can truly feel like a rare – and lucky – constellation of the stars. This is a little something extra special to gift your loved one. All you need is to remember the day you met the love of your life, the day you started dating, your wedding or a memory of a special day to you both. Present them with a beautiful star map of the happiest moment of your life that reminds them of that special day, the day where it all began, where the stars aligned.

Salt Suggests- My Star Story (@mystarstory), Under the lucky stars (@undertheluckystars)

Well, if you forgot to get your partner something, or there’s just not enough time anymore, why not look into a little romantic dinner at home or maybe even a cozy, romantic movie night in, all you need are some candles to make it look like you put some effort in. In the end, all you need to do is just be there for them and with them on Valentine’s Day and forever more.