The Chocoholic Picks in Paradise

There’s nothing like chocolate. Literally nothing can compare to the taste you get when it becomes a melted swirl you can swipe up with your finger and pop it in your mouth and have a melting explosion of wonderful chocolate flavour in your mouth. Here’s five of the most choclatiest chocolate places around Colombo that you can sit at and have guilt free indulgence when you want.

The Chocolate House, Wellawatte

Based down Deanston Place and a branch in Wellawatte referred to as The Warehouse, The Chocolate House offers all kinds of Chocolate goodness. From Chocolate Crepes, Waffles, Chocolate dipped skewers, Brownies, Ice Creams and shakes and beverages and even your favourite chocolates to purchase. They give you the option of choosing between Nutella, Milo, Maltesers, Cadbury, Snickers, Mars and much more and are quite generous with their portions. They do a few savoury Tacos but are essentially a perfect stop for a chocoholic like you.

Choco Luv

What started off as a Chocolate Heaven now serves savoury stuff as well.  With a new location at Flower Road, Choco Luv brings back their Chocoholics delight with the tic tac moonlight delight chocolate shake and the amazing sizzling brownies as well as the Ferero Rocher, Choco Pie, Smarties and Kinder Beuno Shakes and many more such as the Mint Choc Chip, Nutty Netella and the Oreo Delight. The gooey chocolaty things we love were found under desserts and shakes, but then who said you can’t have desserts as mains!

Gerard Mendis

When the Willy Wonka of Sri Lanka opens up a café, you can only think of it being the place where all your chocolate dreams can be realized. Gerard Mendis marries chocolate and class and creates masterpieces out of different types and kinds of chocolate. From Chocolate covered cake to decadent desserts, he has it all. Including amazing savoury mains and even has tiny artisan chocolate boxes of 2 to 30 pieces you can pick up and customize in store. Visiting this café is every Charlie’s dream but unfortunately there aren’t any golden tickets up for grabs.

The Kandos Shop

This little shop which has been around for ages has specialty chocolates and desserts which Kandos is famous for. From interesting pieces of Rocky Road to Caramel Slices and even chocolates like Spicy Ginger, you can have some of unique tasting local chocolate. Kandos sells the famous chocolate biscuit pudding and also a cup of hot chocolate in the famous ‘Kandos Shop’. Although small, the café does offer a variety of chocolate in all shapes, sizes, colours and flavours and being the pioneering chocolatier in Sri Lanka, it really is a treat.

MacMart and Circle M

Let’s make it clear, this isn’t a cafe. But, you can definitely eat your way through the place with the many imported Choco goodies of many brands from all over the world. If you’re looking for chocolate, chocolate syrup, topping, drinking chocolate, white chocolate and even cooking chocolate or choco chips, you can get it instore. From an amazing selection of ready to eat chocolate products like choco chip cookies and even chocolate drinks, this is the perfect stop to have a chocoholic adventure!

Pretty much any café in Colombo can help you with your chocolate cravings if you look closely in the dessert section, but these places are guaranteed to blow any chocolate connoisseur’s taste buds away. With the desire for more dessert stations and chocolate fountains at most hotel buffets, you will never be at a loss for a chocolaty dessert around Colombo, we can guarantee that.