Singer Sri Lanka upgrades to IFS Applications 10 to support 2,000 employees

IFS ERP solution to support all mission-critical processes in nationwide transformation project covering Singer’s network ofover 430 branches

IFS, the global enterprise applications company,proudly announces that Singer Sri Lanka PLC, one of the largest home appliance and electronics retailers in Sri Lanka has chosen IFS Applications™as its central ERP platform to boost productivity and decision-making.

As a well-established sewing machine brand, Singer’s product portfolio has diversified to encompass a highly successful multi-brand strategy combining products of top trademarks with the company’s own products across a range of household, industrial, and financial categories.

IFS Applications 10 will empower Singer Sri Lanka to consolidate its business processes and provide full visibility in real time for its head office. Drawing on the browser-based IFS Aurena user experience, staff will be able to work efficiently regardless of location, driving user productivity and performance.

The IFS solution will support all major business processes, including branch management, demand planning,inventory management, distribution and route planning, after-sales service management, financials, and human capital management (HCM) and payroll.

“We are excited to embark on this journey of digital transformation with IFS, whose technology has been supporting our operations since 2006,” said Mahesh Wijewardene, CEO of Singer Sri Lanka Group. “A diversified business such as ours requires robust and user-friendly tools to ensure there is only one version of the truth and that we are using reliable, real-time data to inform our decision-making. We look forward to building a business technology platform that will help our company through our next phase of profitable growth.”

Shiraz Lye, Managing Director and VP of Sales, IFS South Asia, added, “We are proud of the continued trust that Singer has placed in our people and products. Our solutions have been designed to power complex businesses running multi-site operations, providing decision-makers with the right data to make informed decisions. Our intuitive user experience, which can be picked up and used on any device at any time, ensures data capture is quick and easy. We look forward to working with Singer to deliver swift and efficient implementation project.”