Shower Her Not Just With Your Love But Also With Thoughtful Gifts This Mother’s Day!

In this world, I think it is safe to say that the only thing that has no strings attached and is unconditional is a mother’s love. From the moment she knows that you’re in her tummy, till her last breath, her love will always stay the same. However, do we do enough to repay her for all her love, care and kindness she always showers us with? With our busy school, college and work life, we’re sure that none of us really get to spend as much time with our mothers as we would like.

We at Salt, hope that with this quarantine things have changed. And for the people living separately who are not able to meet their mothers, we hope you’re doing your best to keep in touch with her, at least with video calls. If you haven’t, maybe you can make up for it all on this Mother’s Day! Just because you’re unable to go out and handpick the best of gifts for your mom due to the quarantine doesn’t mean you’re limited to gifting her something nice. Here are a few gift ideas, and places that are willing to customize and deliver a Mother’s Day gift even during the curfew.

1. Mini Treats or Goodies

What better thing could you gift your mom this Mother’s Day than the gift of wellness? And who does it better than Spa Ceylon Official! They now have island wide delivery and a special discount on their Peacock Paradise Range of goodies for Mother’s Day! They even have an exciting giveaway! From a range of luxury mini treats, to soap collections, all with their powerful aroma included in every item. So why not check out their page and see if you find something that your mom would love?

2. Customized Gift Boxes

Who doesn’t love a box of goodies curated just for them? The thought of it itself just makes you feel so much more special in their eyes. So why don’t you get your moms favorite goodies all packed up and curated just for her? Maybe even include a special message written by you. Here are a few places that customize and deliver these curated gifts to your doorstep even during the curfew.



Woah Box

3. Sweet Tooth

If your mom is a person with a huge sweet tooth and she loves a good cake or brownie or something of the sorts, why not get her that and make her ecstatic with all that chocolatey goodness! There are a lot of places that take orders and deliver even with the curfew in place. Just make sure to place your orders early.

Little Miss Shortcake

Bakes By Bella

These are just a few suggestions where you could order something to show your mom how much you love and appreciate her for all that she does. Also the fact that she has to put up more with you must be driving her nuts, so to even it out a little she deserves some pampering for all her hard work and patience. Or else you could go the good old fashioned way and make her something by yourself at home since you probably have the free time. Maybe bake a cake, or make her a card or some DIY items that you know she would absolutely love. Anything from you, I’m sure she’s bound to love it. After all, it’s the thought that counts.