Nothing completes an outfit than the right pair of heels, flats or shoes. It may seem like it goes unnoticed but if you choose the right footwear it’s bound to leave the right impression, whether you want to go simple, glam or chic. Let’s have a look at a few local entrepreneurs as well as international brands available locally, that create beautiful footwear so you can pick the perfect pair for you.


The name says it all, this local brand exudes simple but chic handmade footwear that is perfect for island living. From bright colours, unique designs, sequins to metallic straps, Island Lush has a little something for every islander. Their collection ranges from sliders, thongs, T-sandals to braids which can help you keep it classy, chic or even dress it up. Island Lush started off with footwear but has now slowly expanded in to totes, bags and clothing and their products can be conveniently purchased online at


House of Lonali, a local brand named after its owner, Lonali Rodrigo is not just fashionable but is also an ethical brand.  They are mainly known for ‘upcycling’ which means that they take discarded fabrics and materials, and rather than just chuck them, they transform them into materials and products that are of quality and totally trendy. While they have a range of products ranging from clothing, notebooks, bags etc. they also have footwear that is unique and complete showstoppers. They have great printed looks for the ones who like it funky and classy for the ones who like it chic. Lonali products can be found at Deisgn Collective, Urban Island and sometimes even pops up at the Good Market.


Aldo is a Canadian brand that is fashion-forward when it comes to their collection of shoes but also maintains accessibility in pricing. Aldo doesn’t limit itself to just shoes, they have handbags and jewelry, which makes it easy to find the right bag and matching shoes in one go. Aldo has a range of edgy shoes ranging from loafers, mules, heels, wedges etc. This makes it easy to find what you want no matter what kind of shoes you’re looking for under one roof. Aldo stores are now available at Colombo City Centre and ODEL.


Although Charles and Keith is a Singaporean brand, it has really made a name for itself in Sri Lanka. If you look around almost everyone and anyone is adorning the brand in the form of handbags and shoes. Charles and Keith have chic and fashion-centric shoes, which, once you walk in you can’t help but buy. They too like Aldo have not limited themselves and expanded to handbags and accessories, that stay in pace with the ever-changing world of fashion. So if you’re looking for the perfect pair of foot candy then Charles and Keith is another spot to visit on your next shoe shopping trip.

You’re probably dying to get stepping to these shoe spots and adorn your feet in all the stylish and trendy shoes we just showcased for you. Hopefully you find exactly what you need, to suit your taste and style and find the pair that’s sure to make you feel like a shoe-per star 😉  Happy Shopping!