Glow Scrubs – A Glowing Success in Beauty and Business

The Beauty industry is picking up in Sri Lanka, with not only women but men looking for healthy and natural ways to take care of their skin. The industry is seeing an increase in entrepreneurs who sell unique handmade beauty products over social media.

Zahra Anwer is a new solo-preneur in the social media beauty space and she dished out the sugary details to her success.

What makes Glow scrubs such a unique option of skincare and what’s your current range like?

Glow scrubs are all about handmade, natural sugar scrubs for an amazingly refreshing exfoliating experience without having to worry about any harsh chemicals that could irritate the skin. Sugar scrubs are a gentle exfoliating body treatment and a gentler alternative to salt scrubs. They’re easier to manage milder on the skin and offer an overall uplifting experience, thanks to the essential oils we’ve used. Glow Sugar Scrubs can help you get smoother, glowing skin with minimal hassle.

Glow Scrubs come in Lavender, Lime and Orange, Coffee and Cinnamon, Jasmine and Sandalwood and Rose sugar scrub each with its’ own benefits.  We have more flavours lined up, which will be introduced very soon.

What was the “Eureka” moment before Glow Scrubs was brought to life? And was it difficult to start up, source ingredients, and grow the business?

There was actually no ‘light bulb’ moment at all, I’ve been mulling over this idea for quite a while now. It wasn’t really difficult to start because I planned on keeping my sugar scrubs really simple. Of course, there was a lot of research that went into this because I wanted to be really careful about what I put out there for sale. The only difficulty I had was sourcing good quality essential oils that didn’t burn a hole in my pocket and once I had that sorted out, everything else fell into place. Packaging products was fun but there were a few hiccups with delivering the scrubs on time which we’ve now sorted out.

Was it difficult to enter the local beauty space and do you feel social media has helped to grow your brand?

I’ve just started out and so far it’s smooth sailing for me. Of course, there are plenty of other small home businesses in the beauty department that have cemented their spot, but there’s still space for startups like me to carve out a niche for themselves. Definitely yes! Social media has grown Glow Scrub, and I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing, if it weren’t for social media. I understand that running a business on social media wasn’t going to be smooth sailing all the time, but the support I’ve gotten so far has been great and this is really the sort of encouragement and motivation startup businesses really need.


You’ve got an amazing Instagram Grid, what advice have you got for fellow ‘grammers’ to get their grid in the game?

I spend most of my time on Pinterest, so I am a huge fan of aesthetics and flat lays. When anyone visits my page, I want my grid to reflect what my business is about and I believe that simple pictures with simple content really catch the eye. As far as my advice goes, please don’t over clutter your feed. Stick to your theme and keep it simple and fresh.


What might the future of scrubs look like for Glow scrubs? Any exciting new products we need to look out for?

I’ve got a gazillion ideas in my head! I have a few new sugar scrub variations lined up. Plus I’m also thinking of branching out to other products like foot soaks, lip scrubs and body butters. Fingers crossed it all falls into place!


To get some of the amazing Glow Sugar Scrubs you can order via their Facebook Page- Glow Scrubs or visit on Instagram, simply place the order and have it delivered to your doorstep or pay cash on delivery.


We found Glow Sugar scrubs to be extremely aromatic and also amazing on the skin and makes such a good product to indulge in and all “Because you deserve it”.