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7 Mistakes to Avoid as a Startup Entrepreneur 

Many successful entrepreneurs will tell you that they all made mistakes, learnt from them and got to where they are. But there are some mistakes most startup entrepreneurs make that can cost them heavily.  Avoiding making these mistakes can be a huge factor in early entrepreneurial success.   Choose…

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The Local Superheroes of Art

Sri Lanka has a long history of art, which ranges from murals to pictures originating from the kings’ time using colours and paints derived from nature. We’ve witnessed art changing and evolving over time with the introduction of digital tools and seen a brand new wave of digital master…

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Sri Lankan Fusion – Where Traditional Food Meets Culinary Creativity

Sri Lankan food is generally the bomb. Everyone knows we’ve got a bit of crispy, salty, spicy and sweet in each and every meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. But Sri Lankan cuisines are finally getting a much deserved twist by restaurants, cafes and pop ups in the…

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Colombo-City-Centre-The-Hottest-Hot-Spot-in-the-Heart-of-Colombo | | - Business News Sri Lanka

Colombo City Centre – The Hottest Hot Spot in the Heart of Colombo

The buzz was deafening as The Mall at Colombo City Centre, proving to be the First International Mall , opened it’s doors to the public on September 30th 2018. Salt didn’t just want to witness it, but we wanted to mingle…

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CMBs-Top-5-Foodie-licious-Meeting-Spots | - Business News Sri Lanka

CMB’s Foodie-licious Meeting Spots

Colombo is brewing with development and the city is spilling over with new cafés and restaurants. With choices from 5 star hotels to cozy little cafés serving bakes to street food, it can be tough to choose a place where you can mix good food with business. Here are…

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The-art-of-Batik-can-be-found-in-Sri-Lanka | - Business News Sri Lanka

A Batik Kind of Story

The art of Batik can be found in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand and each country produces their own cultural variations in design. Sri Lanka is more famous for the flora and fauna designs and cultural motifs.

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Business-Slaying-Etiquette-for-Dummies | - Business News Sri Lanka

Business Slaying Etiquette for Dummies

The two things you need to get right at business meetings are etiquette and proper planning. Usually both always seem to be in a mess, due to pre-meeting panicking and not knowing the proper code. Here we give you six tips to assure you slay at each and every…

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You're-Chic.but-are-you-Business-Chic | - Business News Sri Lanka

You’re Chic…but are you Business Chic?

‘What do I wear?’ is a question that has probably plagued mankind since the invention of clothes. Finding the right balance between style and professionalism for a meeting can be such a nightmare. We’ve come up with a few questions to help you get it right.   Where are…

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Woo-Your-Business-Date! | - Business News Sri Lanka

Woo Your Business Date!

So you’ve got the big meeting with a big pawn that’s going to change the game for you and you don’t want to screw it up. And then suddenly you blank out. Dont worry!  We’ve got you covered on this one. First texts make a Lasting Impression I’ve been…

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Woo-Your-Business-Date! | - Business News Sri Lanka

Nail Networking Right!

Have you ever been clueless about how a networking event works? Or have you just walked in, spoken to a bunch of people and called it a night? Here’s the scoop on the art of networking, how it’s done and what you’ve been missing out from all the sessions…

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