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Eat Right is helping everyone do no wrong!

Now there’s no need to eat like a herbivore and nibble on salads day and night. Eat Right has made eating healthy…

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How PickMe changed the way we travel

The Success Story of PickMe: From a Startup to Reaching 1 Billion Profits in Record Time. PickMe was launched in the summer of 2014 and is currently ranked the most successful startup venture this sunny island has ever seen. PickMe is a real-time taxi based system that provides transparency,…

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The Mega Envy of Street Food – Street Burger

If you’ve been driving down Marine Drive then you can be sure to spot the new little foodie truck with big, big…

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Webxpay | www.salt.lk - Business News Sri Lanka

The Gateway to E-commerce Success

WEBEXPAY is an innovative online platform that facilitates E-commerce, helping you manage online buying and selling through an electronic device for…

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Get Your Shipping done Swyftly!

Swyft is a new interesting startup dealing with an issue, which most other startups struggle with. Shipping out of Sri Lanka has always been viewed as such an expensive task, but Swyft is not only a revolutionary Shipping engine for small, medium and large businesses and e-commerce sites, it…

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