A Noodle Adventure in a Box

Remember when you would watch your favourite movie and come across people eating noodles right out of a box? You can now bring that TV fantasy to reality and experience it yourself with Box-O-Noodles. It’s no longer mandatory to eat noodles in a fancy restaurant equipped with white serviettes and lit candles; with Box-O-Noodles you get to indulge in decadent noodles right in your PJ’s, in bed and slurp it right out of a box.  Box-O-Noodles has a variety of flavors that are served in style, out of adorable-sized takeout boxes, that we totally wouldn’t judge you for hiding in your work desk drawer, to take bites out of in between hectic meetings and filing. Totally Chinese with fun-cy and creative names such as Tuk Tuk, The Kiss of the Dragon, and The Black Belt, Box-O-Noodles is steadily changing the way we Sri Lankans enjoy noodles. We, at Salt just had to noodle our way in to have a conversation about Box-O-Noodles.