Aaaah! Valentine’s Day, a day of love, passion and romance right? True but it’s also the day of a million questions such as; what do I get her? What was the name of his favorite perfume again? Does she like seafood or steak? You can say we’re wrong about this but you know deep inside you, it’s true. It used to be easy but Valentine’s Day has upped their game, and we feel so should you. So let’s put the sizzle back in romance with these LOVE-ly ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Look we don’t care what anyone says, but we are a sucker for romance and if your cutie pie is too then she / he is bound to be swept away by the gesture. I mean how cute is the fact that you took time to sit and drizzle glitter, cut paper and stick hearts just to make your loved one happy. If you feel you’re NOT the arts and crafts kind of person, and you’re messy with the card making then there are places that actually make handmade cards just the way you want, with the theme you want, and let me tell you, they are stunning! There’s a solution to everything but whichever way you do it, it’s still a win-win situation for Valentine’s Day.

Salt Suggests – Sarala by Namali (@saralabynamali)


You may think flowers are overdone and so cliché so why not do a unique twist on flowers. Why not get her a cactus? Women are starting to love the idea of cactuses and the best part is a cactus has no gender restriction (some guys still get a little embarrassed by flowers), they last longer than flowers, require minimum attention and you can buy a customized pot to make it look even more unique. The best part is a cactus actually symbolizes endurance as it is a plant that can really stand up to the test of time and the elements as does love, right? So, surprise your loved one with something different this Valentine’s Day.

Salt Suggests – My Backyard.lk & BUD


An easy pick for Valentine’s Day gift hunting is definitely jewelry, and you can’t go wrong unless you are completely oblivious to the kind of jewelry she is into. Rather than go for the typical pieces why not get something custom-made, whether it’s getting the date engraved, maybe putting a fingerprint on the metal, or just writing a little note, if you’re getting a watch for him this can be done as well. A watch for him is definitely a win-win situation because all men love watches but if you’re feeling adventurous go for something different just make sure he’s the kind of guy who likes other types of jewelry, or it’s going to get pretty awkward for him.

Salt Suggests – Fossil, Ruwini Jayarathne Jewelry, Cher by Chevonne, Michael Kors


Every man and woman has their own signature scent, it’s probably even one of the things you love about your significant other. Identify the kind of scent that works for both of you and get him or her perfume. You can even find a gift set that sells the perfume, body lotion and body spray in one big fancy box. Your loved one is going to be blown away if you were able to identify their scent just right, and you might get lucky 😉

Salt Suggests – The Parfumerie, Body Shop, Odel


There’s just something about a carefully curated box of tit-bits that makes your head spin with joy, and isn’t that what you want for your loved one. The best part is it’s a great way to incorporate a little bit of them in the gift box, ranging from color to what you include in it. The boxes aren’t limited to gender which means he can feel spoilt too with little fun things he doesn’t usually get to indulge himself in. It can be sweets, face products; clothing, notebooks etc just go crazy with it. The most wonderful feeling is definitely going to be when you see your loved one’s face light up when they lift the lid to their very own curated gift box.

Salt Suggests – PlushBox, Boxes by Ethnicity


Nobody ever said no to sweets. Especially if the sweets you get are absolutely adorable and yummy. Get him or her bouquet of donuts, or a cookie jar filled with delicious, gooey cookies, talk about a real sweet treat. Get customized donuts with colorful and sweet sayings that are sure to make your sweetheart’s heart melt like butter. Cookies can be yummy and creative, just use your imagination to make her or him smile this Valentine’s Day.

Salt Suggests – Cookie Bar, The Doughnuttery, The Brick Lane Cookie Company

Of course there may be some other different things you’d love to gift to your better half as well. But whatever you choose at the end of the day it’s the thought, love and care behind it that matters. We at Salt, wish you and your loved one a Happy Valentine’s Day.