Suren Cooke Agencies recently unveiled their universally recognized, state-of-the-art, Carbon Neutral facility, aimed at neutralizing the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Consequently, they were awarded the Carbon Neutral Certification by the Sri Lanka Climate Fund.

Suren Cooke Agencies takes great pride in neutralizing most of their organizations’ carbon emission with their recycling initiative as opposed to solely buying Carbon Credits. Besides its benefits and positive impact to our environment, manufacturing these “Tamper Resistant Rodent Stations” locally saves foreign exchange, creates job opportunities for locals and supports SCA’s drive against plastic pollution.
Through the implementation of a Carbon Neutral conduct, Suren Cooke Agencies are setting an example to all businesses in how to go about functioning with sustainability. Carbon emissions only keep adding to the climate change problems, so every bit of carbon neutrality goes a long way to minimizing that issue. Additionally, the wastage of energy is also set to be significantly reduced through this course of action. In a rapidly changing business environment, Suren Cooke Agencies have been a breath of fresh air and their actions should send a message regarding the importance of going carbon neutral.
Being South Asia’s first ISO 14064 accredited government organization, the Sri Lanka Climate Fund undertook the verification of the GHG inventory of Suren Cooke Agencies for the year 2018 in accordance with ISO14064-1:2006 Part 1, in order to present them with the carbon neutral certification.
“When operating any business, it leaves behind a Carbon emission or footprint, which harms and damages the environment,” states Mr. Suren Cooke. He added “It is our duty to neutralize the impact caused. Our brand-new facility has now achieved this, in being environmentally friendly first and foremost”.
Presently, Suren Cooke Agencies is focusing on battling plastic pollution, and using a non-chemical alternative for termite control called “xterm”, which are amongst some of their many projects undertaken to strengthen and maintain their carbon neutrality.