Royal Fernwood Porcelain Steam Inhalers – as prevention is better than cure

  • The inhalers are also ideal for patients who have nasal congestion, runny nose, ‘sinus’ type headaches, intractable cough and respiratory tract related issues such as chest infections
  • Ideal for everyday use and very safe, even for children

15 October, Colombo: Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited, a large-scale manufacturer of high quality white and decorated porcelain tableware recently launched their version of the steam inhaler into the local market. The steam inhaler, which is a modified version of the product manufactured by its parent Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC was initially designed and advised by Dr. Charith Nanayakkara, lecturer attached to the Department of Surgery, General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University and who specializes in Neurosurgery, is said to be ideal for individuals who wish to use steam inhalation as a preventive measure for any respiratory tract infections.

Steam inhalation is considered ideal for those who have nasal congestion, runny nose, ‘sinus’ type headaches, intractable cough and respiratory tract related issues such as chest infections which includes Covid -19.  These Steam inhalers are being used at the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (IDH) to treat Covid 19 positive patients receiving inward treatment. Products are widely available in the market and customers can now purchase the product  at their convenience from any of the Dankotuwa showrooms – located at Guildford Crescent, One Galle Face Mall, Union Place, Kirulapone, Negombo and at Dankotuwa. 

“It is with great pleasure that we launch this product into the market at a time when our customers need a safe product for steam inhalation which we belief gives relief for nasal congestion, runny nose, ‘sinus’ type headaches, intractable cough and respiratory tract related issues such as chest infections” stated Yoshan Fernando – Director/Chief Executive Officer, Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited. Royal Fernwood Porcelain has always been an organization that has earned respect and credibility amongst our customers for the simple reason of taking social responsibility towards our stakeholders very seriously. The launch of the steam inhaler is our way of contributing towards the wellbeing of our community when the country is trying to overcome this pandemic”. Fernando concluded.

An Ambeon company and subsidiary of Dankotuwa Porcelain PLC., Royal Fernwood Porcelain Limited was incorporated in 1994 and commenced commercial production in 1997, exactly 20 years post the company’s first successful export to the United Kingdom. Currently, the Company manufactures products for most of the prestigious ceramic dinnerware manufacturers in Europe, Japan, Australia, Scandinavia the USA and over 50 countries worldwide.

” It does give us immense satisfaction  to contribute positively towards the betterment of the community at a time when health officials and governments are battling to manage and eradicate the Corona Virus pandemic” stated  Mr Murali Prakash, Group Managing Director Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC “As endorsed by the Ministry of Health, we believe that with this steam inhaler, Sri Lanka will benefit immensely, especially to treat many respiratory tract related illnesses and discomforts and stay healthy. The Ambeon Group, through its various subsidiaries is pleased to be able to contribute positively and serve the people of  Sri Lanka during these trying times”, concluded Mr. Prakash.

Royal Fernwood Porcelain, reputed for their coloured and youthful designs, enjoys the heightened value addition through a wide range of extremely popular designs and decorations that include in-glaze, on-glaze, under-glaze, hand painted, etching and microwave-safe designs including gold and platinum. Catering to customer demand, Royal Fernwood has been successful in developing new products using coloured glazes to match the body, which is a unique achievement for porcelain tableware.  All Royal Fernwood products are safe for all aspects of dining, as the raw materials used for white products are Lead (Pb) and Cadmium (Cd) safe and does not contain bone ash. The company is also the only porcelain tableware manufacturer to be endorsed by SLS and the receipient of  SLS 122:2001quality certification.