Revival Physical Medicine Centre celebrates 10 years of successful service

27th February 2019, Colombo: The Revival Physical Medicine Centre, Sri Lanka’s premier institution for Physiotherapy and related treatments recently marked their 10th anniversary at their premises in Colombo, among their staff, few special invitee and media personnel.

Founded in 2009 The Directors realised the need for physiotherapy treatment centre outside the chaotic hospital environment. As patients who require this kind of treatment have ailments that are not life threatening but it does hamper their day to day activities,it made sense to have a private facility where more attention and care can be provided by treatment and thereafter giving life style advises.

Today, Revival Physical Medicine Centre has expanded to have three branches under their belt, together with forty plus staff. Treating patients from all age groups and walks of life; their well qualified and trained therapists have further amassed a great deal of experience.

Offering a variety of promising treatments such as manual therapy, dry needling, sports therapy, traction, tens, infra-red therapy, ultra sound therapy,strengthening exercise programs and more, their immense number of satisfied customers and success stories are a testament to their exemplary services in the industry.

Another important aspect that Revival Physical Medicine Centre focuses on is rehabilitation. Comprising of pre and post-operative care, the efficacy of surgery depends on how well this is handled. With their own in-house well-equippedrehabilitation units and with a specialised team, many patients have undergone rehabilitation programs post their surgeries and have hugely benefitted. They would like to promote more and more rehabilitation programs collaborating with doctors to give the best after care to patients.

The Revival Physical Medicine Centre difference is one that simply has to be experienced to be understood. Time is not a factor when treating patients. The team understands that patients who come to revival are already in pain thus, they are given completeattention.As a clinic, they also understand their limitations. If something is beyond their scope or ability, they always refer patients to a doctor.

As Revival Physical Medicine Centre celebrates 10 years, they are grateful to all their patients, doctors and everyone who have stood by them. Looking forward to many more decades of service, the future is bright. With big plans to establish franchising facilities all over the country sothat their services can be accessed by those in rural areas coupled with the inception of corporate ergonomics programmes health and wellness at work place ,Revival Physical Medicine Centre will continue their strife in this light.