Mandarina Colombo’s Nelum Kole Menu Elevates Authentic Sri Lankan Dining

There’s nothing quite like indulging in the countless flavours that traditional Sri Lankan cuisine has to offer, served on a Nelum Kole. Or so we thought until we at SALT checked out Mandarina Colombo’s brand new authentic menu aptly named ‘Nelum Kole’ at their famous “On the Eleventh” restaurant. So, it turns out there’s a new novel experience food lovers would absolutely love, in town.

The Nelum Kole meal has been an iconic traditional Sri Lankan meal for the longest time but Mandarina have elevated it to the next level, adding more variety and providing a wide range of local delicacies on the menu. Red Rice, Yellow Rice, White Rice or even Fried Rice; you name it and Mandarina would be ready to serve you the culinary classic.

If you’re delighted by the variety, then you’ll be stunned and spoilt for choice with a range of 10 rich curries and 5 mouthwatering meat dishes to tantalise your tastebuds. What’s more, you can brighten your meal with the most flavourful condiments and cap it off with delicious dessert.

All dishes have been prepared to Sri Lankan perfection. The secret behind these rich flavours and Mandarina’s mastery in local dishes is down to the variety of local ingredients that have been used. Mandarina source the very best ingredients from around the country to ensure each and every dish is enriched with Sri Lankan goodness through and through. Chefs with over 60 years of combined experience then bring together these ingredients to prepare masterpieces that make up the most tantalizing traditional lunch experience for food lovers to indulge in.

Not to forget, Mandarina provides this rich experience of lunch served on a Nelum Kole, all in the midst of a star quality restaurant backdrop with a stunning view. The ambiance, the music and the setting at the restaurant just adds to the experience as you munch into your meal. The extremely friendly staff dressed in traditional, colourful Sri Lankan attire are at your service at all times making sure the hospitality at Mandarina is as good as it gets. 

We can go on and on, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing it for yourself. So, we at SALT suggest you drop by Mandarina Colombo and try out the Nelum Kole menu on weekdays from 12-3pm for a refined, authentic and unforgettable Sri Lankan lunch.