Jinasena’s CJ SMART series brings new levels of energy efficiency to domestic water pumps in Sri Lanka

Jinasena (Pvt) Limited, one of the leading water management systems and solutions providers in Sri Lanka, has revolutionized water pumps in the country by launching their new generation CJ SMART series domestic water pumps, the most advanced and energy efficient water pump in the country.

As the world moves towards greater energy efficiency, companies are expected to support Government initiatives by embracing a greener, more sustainable future by manufacturing cleaner, energy efficient products. As a pioneering organisation with over 110 years of innovation and engineering excellence, Jinasena has taken on this challenge by manufacturing Sri Lanka’s first-ever IE1-rated domestic water pump that guarantees significantly higher energy efficiency thanks to its IE1 motor and unique impeller design. The high efficiency impeller has been designed to outperform other impellers in the market. This means that Jinasena’s new generation of water pumps is ahead of current stipulated Government regulations for energy efficiency and is a new benchmark for domestic water pumps in Sri Lanka.

The Jinasena CJ SMART water pump series pays homage to the company’s Founder C.J. Jinasena while the specially-designed Jinasena TRJ 2019 Impeller, the key component of any water pump, is a tribute in memory of former Chairman Rohan Jinasena. These water pumps are ideally-suited for both domestic clean water application and deep well application and offers a host of key features that position it ahead of all other domestic water pumps available in the market today. The IE1 energy efficiency motor makes this series the first-ever domestic water pumps in Sri Lanka with this efficiency rating while the Jinasena TRJ 2019 Impeller gives best in class performance coupled with anti-rust technology. All pumps consist of a Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor with Insulation Class-F winding. The patented pump casing design effectively increases heat dissipation to maximize motor efficiency while the sealed rubber cage, high precession Japanese ball bearing ensures a longer lifecycle. The pump has dual protection against thermal and overload current for maximum protection to the motor (In-built and external TOC) as well as IP54 Ingress Protection from Solids and Water. Guaranteed to provide improved suction and significantly higher flow rate, the low noise pump unit comes with reliable and durable spare parts. The Back Pull-Out construction allows for easy maintenance and repairs.

All CJ SMART series water pumps are available through Jinasena’s network of 16 Service Centres located at Colombo, Buttala, Kalutara, Ekala, Avissawella, Dambulla, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Galle, Kaduruwela, Tambuttegama, Anuradhapura, Kurunegala, Ampara, Embilipitiya and Jaffna. All pumps come with a 7-year warranty, highly-reliable after sales service and ample spare parts. The company is currently carrying out intensive training programmes through all 16 outlets to create awareness among plumbers in each of the locations on the key features of the pump, how to install them and carry out any routine maintenance activities. The company is also in the process of expanding its footprint across the island by appointing new agents so that customers can access the new water pumps, as well as all other Jinasena products, closer to their homes.

Sharing her thoughts on the revolutionary range of domestic water pumps, Shani Jinasena – Executive Director of Jinasena (Pvt) Limited stated, “We are very proud of this new generation of domestic water pumps as this a significant milestone in the 114-year history of the company. Through these pumps, we at Jinasena have proved our long-standing power to innovate and we are helping showcase Sri Lanka’s ability to manufacture a world-class product. Our engineering experts worked tirelessly for a long period of time and we looked into every possible aspect of the product in keeping with our legacy of delivering customised engineering solutions that enrich lives.”

Expressing his views, Dr. Shehan De Silva – Director of Jinasena (Pvt) Limited stated, “The ‘smart’ aspect of these water pumps is derived from the cutting edge impeller design, materials and processing technology that is used. The impeller, the key component of any water pump, is designed and manufactured in-house using engineering-grade plastic which is significantly tougher and more durable than standard plastic and is therefore ideally suited for areas of the country that have hard water. The Jinasena R&D team merged the company’s renowned advanced design capabilities with foreign manufacturing efficiencies to create a new-generation water pump. This has enabled the company to manufacture a water pump that brings the best of both worlds – higher performance driven by Jinasena’s unparalleled engineering knowledge of water pumps and lower costs brought about by tapping into foreign manufacturing efficiencies.”

Founded in 1905, Jinasena (Pvt) Limited was the first Ceylonese-owned engineering company and was rated among the five leading engineering companies in the island by 1932. In 1950, the son of the founder T. S. Jinasena, designed and manufactured the first Jinasena Centric Water Pump. It is still the only water pump that is entirely manufactured in Sri Lanka. It continues to enjoy a significant market share in Sri Lanka due to its strong brand name, sturdy construction, proven track record, availability of spare parts and reputed after-sales service. The company also specializes in Water Purifying Solutions, Irrigation Solutions and Solar Solutions, which makes Jinasena one of the few companies that can provide Water Management Solutions (on or off grid) under one roof. In addition, the company is also involved in Renewable Energy solutions and Agricultural Machinery in keeping with its slogan “One trusted name and many possibilities”.