HUAWEI Seeds for the Future 4th Batch from Sri Lankan Youth leave to China ICT Study Trip

Huawei Seeds For the Future 2019, launched at Huawei Sri Lanka CSIC, with the 4th batch of Sri Lankan university students leaving for their Study Trip on Culture and ICT Technology in China on 30th November 2019 (Today).

This year in 2019, by working intensely with Sri Lanka government and top local universities, 10 students to be trained on the latest cutting edge ICT knowledge, technologies and industry trends at Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen, China, from November 30th to December 14th, 2019.

The students will receive the opportunity to study ICT technologies such as 5G, LTE, cloud computing and AI, etc., and offered opportunities for hands-on practice in Huawei’s most advanced labs. What makes this program unique is that it also offers first-hand learning opportunities through interaction with Huawei staff and visits to Huawei laboratories, where program participants can engage in hands-on practice and witness live demonstrations of the latest ICT technology. Huawei will continue to work in collaboration with the Ministry for future ‘Seeds for the Future’ program activities.

The rapidly growing ICT industry has significantly changed business models and needs of the industry. As a result, the ICT industry ecosystem urgently requires a large number of technical staff who can address the challenges posed by this transformation. In many countries, a knowledge gap exists between what is learned in the classroom and the skills that are necessary in the real world. Therefore, the pool of skilled personnel should be provided with opportunities to learn and apply the latest technologies. To help ICT professionals fill the gap between theory and practice and master the required skills, Huawei launched the Seeds for the Future program in 2008. The program seeks to develop local ICT talent, enhance knowledge transfers, and improve people’s understanding of and interest in the ICT industry. It also encourages countries across different regions to participate in building digital society.

Seeds for the Future is Huawei’s global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) flagship program and most heavily invested CSR activity. Huawei firmly believes Digital Initiatives such as ‘Seeds for the Future’ flagship CSR program augur well with Sri Lanka government’s futuristic vision and recognition for a development of an Advanced Inclusive Digital Economy with technocrats creating and developing the talent and the skills needed to take the country forward to achieve Sri Lanka’s goal of becoming a developed economy. In Sri Lanka, Huawei Seeds for the Future program was first launched in 2016, and since then till 2018, 30 Lankan top university students had been benefited from the program. Huawei is committed to promoting the development of the ICT industry in the countries where it operates to support long-term socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.