HNB Launches ‘Bid N Buy’, Sri Lanka’s First e-Auction Website

One of Sri Lanka’s most innovative banks, HNB PLC announced today the launch of its e-auction website ‘Bid N Buy’ (BNB) – the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. This ground-breaking facility gives users a new and exciting avenue for purchasing vehicles, real estate and industrial equipment with the utmost convenience. The Bank licensed Affno e-AuctionTM to provide the service.

Damith Pallewatte, Chief Risk Officer /Deputy General Manager – Risk /Chief Information Security Officer


Accessible at, Bid N Buy allows interested customers to register to receive alerts when items they may like become available, bid on a desired item from their mobile or laptop, and buy in a secure and convenient manner. Customers no longer need to travel to participate in auctions – they can bid from the comfort of their home and from any part of the country or world. From expatriates making purchases for their parents to local entrepreneurs bidding from outside Colombo, all participants are empowered to engage in reliable, safe and secure bidding. Users further benefit from valuation and integrity-checks carried out by independent third-party organizations, ensuring that listed items are in good condition.

‘As a bank, we pride ourselves in always listening to the heartbeat of our customers – and always being the first to give them the service offerings they asked for. In this case, what we learnt is that Sri Lankan customers deserve a strong, secure and convenient auctioning process,’ said Jonathan Alles – Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer, HNB.

Damith Pallewatte – Chief Risk Officer, HNB, added, ‘Our bank has a long and storied history as among the most innovative and digitally-savvy banks in Sri Lanka – this e-auction site underscores HNB’s continuing commitment to making digital banking, and inter-related services, as digital-friendly as possible.’

Suren Kannangara – Chief Executive Officer, Affno, added, ‘In simplifying and digitising the auctioning process, we’ve paid utmost attention to security and ease of use. The Bid N Buy site was the logical next step in our decade long partnership with HNB.’

With a history of over 18 years, Affno has licensed its software products to leading organizations in Sri Lanka and overseas to provide innovative services. Affno’s unique strength in product development, plus the full gamut of on-line marketing services, have enabled its clients to build innovative and valuable product, service and business offerings.