DPL successfully commences reforestation initiative in Hanwella

October 9, 2019: Dipped Products PLC, a global leader in protective handwear and a subsidiary of iconic diversified conglomerate Hayleys PLC, launched a tree planting initiative to plant 26 saplings at the Hanwella rubber factory premises in collaboration with government schools in the area.  Furthermore, each of the 41 children present was given a sapling to plant and care for in their homes.

Senior management from DPL, including Managing Director, Andrew Ng participated in the launch of the project at Hanwella, together with factory managers, managers, executives and other DPL employees to participate in the event.

Notably, the DPL team received the enthusiastic support and assistance of students from the Siri Sumanajothi Maha Vidyalaya and Pahathgama Roman Catholic Junior School, with the whole event conducted under the guidance of the Forest Department.

“The native tree saplings we planted today are essential to the health of local ecosystems and will help to build resilience against natural disasters such as floods and soil erosion while also providing many species with shelter and food. As one of Sri Lanka’s leading value-adding manufacturers and exporters, and a key subsidiary of the Hayleys Group, we felt it was our responsibility to champion these vital and much-needed reforestation campaigns. Working with local communities and young children, we are also able to build support for such projects and raise awareness on the ways we can work together to preserve the diversity and beauty of our environment for future generations,” DPL Managing Director Andrew Ng stated.  

Organised in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG) on Climate Action (SDG 13), the DPL reforestation initiative focused on the planting of native saplings including Mee, Naa, Magul Karanda and Nadun trees within the Hanwella rubber factory, which is prone to some flooding due to the Kelani River.

The tree planting programme was rounded out with an awareness programme on environmental conservation for school children participating in the reforestation initiative conducted by Forest Department Officer: B. Upul Kumara, following which DPL employees also distributed school books and ‘kohomba’ saplings to participating students.

Established in 1878 by Chas. P. Hayley as a trading house in Galle specialising in import and export, the Hayleys Group has since grown to serve as a centrepiece of the Sri Lankan economy while maintaining a global presence of manufacturing and marketing offices across five regions with business interests spanning a total of 16 sectors. Today it stands out as one of Sri Lanka’s most prominent success stories, having been the first listed Sri Lankan corporate to surpass US$ 1 billion in revenue and accounting for 3.3% of the nation’s total export earnings.