Die-Hard Note users hail the next generation Power Technology of the Galaxy Note 10 & 10+

The love for Samsung Note series continues for Samsung loyalists with the introduction of Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in Sri Lanka, where Samsung leads as the No.1 smartphone brand. In an era where smartphones have become an extension of one’s personality, the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ are like second nature for discerning consumers. The beauty of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ is that the intuitive and sophisticated devices offer a unique mobile experience similar to a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera and an intelligent pen, all packed into one sleek smartphone. Over the two months since its launch, users of the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ devices in Sri Lanka have made the most of the opportunity to explore and experience all the great features. The Millennial generation particularly has been captivated by the advanced features of the Note 10+ and some of them enthusiastically share their views here.

Nishan Danushka, who snapped up a Galaxy Note 10+ almost immediately after it was launched in the local market says, “I love the big display which allows me to enjoy streaming videos and movies. MyGalaxy Note10+ features the biggest Galaxy Note display ever with a 6.8 inch Cinematic Infinity-O Display and yet offers an impressively slim design. The S Pen feature has now become my favourite toy – because I can use it as a remote control while delivering a presentation, while playing and pausing videos, or taking a photo. It’s amazing to see how convenient it is to control your device with the S Pen remote! Galaxy Note 10+ has improved on all aspects – its camera enables me to take excellent still images and high video quality in the most challenging lighting conditions. I especially love the movie-like feel of the videos I shoot and can edit them almost instantly. The camera too offers excellent wide or close up shots to capture a scene as I see it. I simply love the live focus feature! The ultrafast speed of the Note 10+ allows me to stream, game, or download at unbelievable speeds even when multitasking. I am completely blown away by the Galaxy Note 10+ and whole-heartedly recommend it.”

Yet another Note series fan, Vishwajith Thalagala says, “I have been using the Galaxy Note series since 2010 and have been a proud owner of the Note 3, 5 and 8. So, when I purchased the Galaxy Note 10+, I had high expectations of an extra-special smartphone and the Note 10+ exceeded all expectations! As always, my biggest need is the functionality of the S pen which has been vastly updated in the new model. I prefer to work with the S-Pen for all my office related tasks and business related functions, be it for daily meetings or other business purposes. The curved edge and aura glow was a delight to behold when I unboxed my brand new Galaxy Note 10+. I particularly liked the multitasking camera’s virtual 3D shoot.”

Dinesh Sellahewa a believer of Samsung innovation said: “The new Note 10+ is simply awesome and spoils me with its premium quality. As a die-hard Note series fan since the time it was launched a decade ago, the new Galaxy Note 10+ delivers on all the possible advanced features anyone could desire. The massive screen size of the Galaxy Note 10+attracted me at once as I am constantly writing, drawing and taking pictures – and these tasks are made so simple and fast with the S Pen. I also use my Galaxy Note 10 plus for gaming frequently and it’s delightful to see that I can play games without lagging even when the game heats up and I absolutely love the high graphic quality – such a premium experience! When it’s a Samsung you know the camera is going to be simply great! Even more important for me is the fact that the Galaxy Note 10+ battery outlasts the day to ensure seamless usage.”

Hailing the Note 10+ as next generation technology, Chamith Premadasa, a longstanding Note series user said, “It’s a stunning phone, a true classic. I was using the Note 3 for the last six-and-a-half years and now my new Galaxy Note 10 is my prized possession. S-Pen is the most attractive apparatus in this device without a doubt. I use it to write my diary, send emails and much more that involves writing. The coolest thing about the S Pen is that I can use it as a remote switch for the camera as well which makes taking selfies a breeze. The camera in the Galaxy Note 10 is simply superb and one has to use it to understand its capabilities. I opted for the 512 GB galaxy Note 10 for greater storage. I can’t wait to unleash the entire capabilities of my new Galaxy Note 10!”

Buoyed by the support from its loyal customer base in Sri Lanka, Samsung Sri Lanka has extended its customer service centre operations from 8.30 a.m. – 8.30 p.m. from Monday to Sunday where customers can call on 0112 7267864 for product and service related queries. Samsung Sri Lanka leads in after sales service, with 29 sales centres island-wide including 14 centres for mobile repairs and 15 centres for consumer electronics. Samsung has repeatedly cemented its position as the Number 1 smartphone in Sri Lanka, being ranked the Most Loved Electronics Brand 2019, compiled by Brand Finance and presented by LMD and was also awarded the People’s Youth Choice Brand of the Year by the SLIM-Nielsen People’s Award 2019, for the second consecutive year.