Colombo avails free delivery of delectable Sri Lankan fusion food by Ceylon Curry Club!

20th January 2021, Colombo: Ceylon Curry Club, Sri Lanka’s latest fusion food fad, recently implemented its own direct free delivery service to better serve hungry customers located within a radius of 10 kilometres from Colombo 01, who can now avail satiating lunch packs at the convenience of free and safe delivery between 10am to 3.30pm.

Inspired by Sri Lanka’s culinary heritage, the Ceylon Curry Club delivers an explosion of flavours in the form of eight lunch packs for customers to chomp down on. Priced at Rs.450 and Rs.530, customers can enjoy delectable boneless chicken in red curry with eggplant, served with yellow peanut rice and puhul chutney, or mustard and lemon grass infused fish curry with capsicum and tomato, served with eggplant tahini savoury rice and green tomato chutney.

Seafood lovers can further avail themselves to scrumptious calamari fried and tempered with spicy onions, garlic and a touch of coconut milk, served with garlic rice and bilin chutney – or spicy tempered prawns with fried onion, garlic and curry leaves, served with garlic rice and spicy pineapple chutney.

The Ceylon Curry Club also concocts delicious black pork curry prepared with kalu pol served with garlic rice and spicy pineapple chutney, and mutton curry with chickpea and spinach served with cumin and coriander infused curd rice and green tomato chutney. Furthermore, the egg option includes broiled eggs with fried onion, garlic, curry leaves and spicy coconut gravy served with cumin and coriander infused curd rice and green tomato chutney, whereas the vegetarian option includes a combination of eggplant, fried soya, green beans and okra cooked in mustard and coconut, served with yellow rice and green tomato chutney.

Experimenting with various ingredients and the finest Sri Lankan spices, the Ceylon Curry Club takes Sri Lankan fusion food to the next level, where the distribution of unique lunch packs stand as a stepping stone for the anticipated opening of the Ceylon Curry Club restaurant. By supporting the Ceylon Curry Club, customers can simultaneously enjoy free delivery with a generous portion of their protein of choice, paired with a variety of flavoursome rice and accompaniments – specially curated to complement each flavour profile. The Ceylon Curry Club lunch packs are also available on Uber Eats, PickMe Food, Meal First and Foodie apps between 10.00am to 3.30pm.