All new Card offers app :Coffer
All Debit and Credit card offers now in one place.

There’s always been a clutter with offers and promotions provided by different banks, at different partner merchants spread across different channels. So much so that it has become tough to stay on top of all of them. This is where Extrogene Software has come up with a truly innovative and unique solution, Coffer, to serve all of these offers and promotions literally at our fingertips.

Coffer has something for everyone. Whether it’s that pair of jeans you’ve been keeping an eye on, or the jewellery to surprise a loved one, the holiday you’ve been planning to have, a brand-new pair of shoes you’ve been wanting to rock, or even if it’s simply time to restock on your home’s daily needs; Coffer is the one-stop solution to navigate through all the card offers and promotions.

If you’re still wondering what Coffer is, it is a mobile app that presents card offers available for all bank cards in one place. The app provides a set of key features that only makes life all the more easier for the offer-hunter. You can add offers to your wishlist, share them with your friends via your social networks, filter them according to your interests, in just a few clicks. The option to contact the merchant and view all the nitty-gritty details that come with the respective offers give Coffer a unique dimension. Available on both Android and iOS, Coffer also doesn’t require any of the users’ card information, ensuring a secure and hassle-free experience for all users. It’s this perfect blend of simplicity and detail that makes it a must have mobile app.

Coffer doesn’t just stop there. There will be more updates and improvements aimed at improving financial literacy in the country. Extrogene Software is working towards that by introducing features that give users a comprehensive understanding of the impact of their transactions using cards, in the future.

Providing an experience that is unparalleled in terms of the user-friendliness, efficiency and quality, Coffer oozes convenience, not just for users, but for banks as well. Compared to banks’ usual methods of advertising offers through SMS, or email campaigns or even offline methods, Coffer is more beneficial and effective. Unlike the aforementioned methods, Coffer actually gives banks accurate and credible feedback with crucial analytics and user-data generated via the app. The interests and search patterns of individual cardholders and their interactions with merchants are among the vital insights that Coffer has, that in turn could help banks in their decision making for marketing campaigns.

Coffer has undoubtedly been a revolutionary introduction to the market and has already hit more than 14,000 downloads. Tharaka Kodippili, Manager Sales and Marketing at Extrogene Software had this to say “We saw a gap in the market where cardholders had to find different methods and means just to keep track of all card offers. Coffer was born out of a simple idea- make life easy for the cardholder. Today’s cardholders are busy, on-the-go professionals- juggling, work, family, businesses, traffic and a million and one other things. They don’t need an added hassle of monitoring all platforms just to find the best card offer to plan their family outing for next weekend. That is what Coffer is there for”.