Aviraté inks contract with EFL 3PL

Premier luxury fashion retailer, Aviraté, has announced that it is partnering with global supply chain service provider, EFL to avail its wide portfolio of 3PL services in order to ensure a seamless brand experience for its consumers.

With nearly a decade of excellence in retail to its name, Aviraté was founded by a leading     Sri Lankan apparel manufacturer Timex & Fergasam Group. Today it has five retail stores across Sri Lanka, including a 2700sqft flagship store, and twelve retail outlets in India. The fashion brand hopes to continue on this trajectory with expansion into Europe, North America and the Middle East in the near future.

Now a name synonymous with high-quality ladies’ fashion, Aviraté has had to make considerable changes to its supply chain and business conditions in order to keep up with this momentum of growth. This has led the brand to focus on specialized 3PLs for effective warehouse operations, distribution and inventory management of its products.

Aviraté found the perfect fit with EFL 3PL to change the way its business process solutions are managed and delivered effectively. The modern infrastructure that EFL 3PL offers, suits this operating model, in addition to superior industry compliance in terms of social, operational and business certifications such as ISO, BSCI, GOTS, C-TPAT and OHSAS.

“We take this assignment very seriously. Our apparel finished goods specific infrastructure is capable of keeping garments fresh from the point of manufacture till purchase,” said Sammy Akbar – Director, EFL 3PL & Freeport. “By regulating humidity and temperature it prevents mould formation which is vital and often overlooked especially in countries like Sri Lanka with a relatively high humidity of about 85%” he further stated.

 “Furthermore,” Sammy Akbar added, “Our EFL 3PL Fulfilment Center which is in Orugodawatta is conveniently within a 3km radius to all of the Aviraté stores in Colombo, and therefore offers a massive advantage for their operating model.”

“EFL 3PL is the right fit for our business, as they are not only equipped with the best infrastructure in the region, but also have the experience and resourcefulness to be able to respond to our brand’s ever-changing business needs,” said Asim Younoos – Chief Executive Officer at Aviraté. “These are all important factors for us, and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship of operational excellence.”