Amãna Takaful (ATL) promotes meaningful insurance for All

28, February 2018 Colombo: Led by a commitment to provide peace of mind to all segments of society across the nation, Amãna Takaful (ATL) PLC has tailor made insurance product and services. Achieving success for over two decades, the company has been a dynamic trendsetter, constantly innovating products and solutions that benefit Sri Lankans from all backgrounds and walks of life.

Mr Fazal Gaffoor – CEO, Amana Takaful PLC

ATL solicits customer feedback to understand customer needs, hopes and aspirations. This close engagement with customers together with its customer-centric approach has helped the company to identify precise expectations of consumers when it comes to what they look for in their insurance policies. This ability of the company to listen and design products to meet specific needs has enabled it to devise a product portfolio that caters to the diverse needs of customers.

ATL’s product portfolio addresses the precise needs of different segments of society, for example, “ATL Tuk Tuk Full” for three-wheelers and “ATL SRC” for motorcycles. Tuk Tuk Full for instance is geared towards providing three-wheel drivers with an extra layer of protection and added financial flexibility, so they can rest assured that their families’ lives may continue undisturbed, even in the event on an unfortunate accident. Encouraging those who are informally or self- employed in small-scale industries to obtain protection, the company also takes pride in providing the fishing community in the island and focuses on delivering reliable micro-insurance plans that help them with “ATL Samudra Shakthi”.

Further, ATL’s unique senior citizens’ hospitalisation policy, “ATL KruthaGuna” is the only hospitalisation cover of its nature, to those over 55 years. KruthaGuna provides clients with much-needed support in times of need by providing them with peace of mind to spend time with, love and take care of elderly loved ones in a way that they deserve. ATL understands that pre-existing ailments such as high blood pressure, diabetes etc. prove to be a challenge when selecting an medical cover to this segment. For the first time in Sri Lanka, ATL has come forward to waive-off pre-existing ailments from the second year.

By upholding this customer focus, ATL is looking ahead towards yet another year of growth and expansion, infusing greater value into its key brands. The motor insurance plans take into account every possible scenario that could affect the policyholders and provide a cover for it, promising security for them and their loved ones. The company will also be enhancing its “All in One” cover, which targets businesses and uses digital processes from start to finish, making it possible for individuals to obtain quotations for policies and enlist in them hassle-free. Also in its portfolio is Suwasiri ( a Rs. 100,000 cover medical cover for just Rs. 2,222/- per annum).

Commenting on the company’s way forward Fazal Ghaffoor, CEO of ATL said: “ATL has developed innovative insurance policies that address the pain points and real-life needs of the people in our country. Whether it’s a policy that provides added peace of mind to our elderly citizens or one that gives our three-wheel driver the reassurance that they need whilst at work each day. ATL policies are practical, affordable and are designed to cater to all segments of society. Going forward, we hope to keep building on our promise to remain accessible to all, and enhance our existing product portfolio, to ensure that each and every ATL product delivers enhanced value and benefits to our customers.”

ATL’s island-wide branch network and customer touch points have infused simplicity and ease into the process of acquiring and making the most of one’s insurance. As a trusted insurer, ATL solutions are known to be practical, flexible and reliable. Since its inception in 1999, the company has been successful in establishing a strong position amidst competition from established conventional players. A dedication to customer-centricity has been a key pillar of ATL’s success. Realizing the need to offer convenience for policyholders, ATL provides online and offline support and a 24-hotline is available to ensure that policyholders are served at all times. The ATL support team can be reached on 011 7 501 000 at any time of the day and are on hand to provide policyholders and potential customers with any assistance or guidance that they might need.