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Shower Her Not Just With Your Love But Also With Thoughtful Gifts This Mother’s Day!

In this world, I think it is safe to say that the only thing that has no strings attached and is unconditional is a mother’s love. From the moment she knows that you’re in her tummy, till her last breath, her love will always stay the same. However, do we do…

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How to stop the spread of Coronavirus

Coronavirus or COVID-19, the recently declared Global Pandemic continues to spread around the world, prompting governments to step up efforts to contain the spread of the disease. As responsible citizens, each of us could play a vital part to stop the spread of Coronavirus. SALT looks at…

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We know there was a time that we used to dream of having more time to ourselves and more weekends than weekdays. Now that it has actually happened, we have no clue what to do with it, right? We also know that you miss going out and hanging around with…

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Chesma’s Cookies: Many flavours – 1 common ingredient: Love

It’s rightfully said that a balanced diet is only when you have a cookie in each hand. In our search for exactly that, we at SALT headed over to Chesma’s Cookies at One Galle Face. Having tried out some delicious cookies, we’re certain of one thing: the…

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MAZE: Life’s too short for boring socks

It’s fair to say that socks have truly evolved from being something you just used to cover your feet to a key element of a fashion statement. To say it’s become a reflection…

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Shoelace Studio: Tying Together Creativity & Beauty, To Adorn Homes

Is a home really a home without a touch of visually pleasing décor? We believe not. Enhancing the interior of your homes is truly a form of art and can help to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. That’s where Shoelace Studio come in. A novelty store that’s…

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Senisha Makeup Artistry: Making Emphatic Fashion Statements A Norm

In today’s world, everyone’s out to make a fashion statement. No matter what look you’re trying to rock, it’s quite incomplete without the perfect makeup. The scope for makeup artists in the country has considerably increased over time with a host of enthusiastic and truly capable makeup…

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Pendi: It’s what’s on the inside that counts

Even in your homes, it’s what’s inside that matters most and Pendi goes a long way to giving you the most beautiful outcome possible. Pendi gives you endlessly wondrous possibilities with unique & beautiful products to adorn the interiors of your home and make it chic and stylish. With…

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It’s more than a haircut. It’s Raula!

Men’s grooming services is an art. There haven’t been many prominent places exclusively for men to sit back, relax and get a sophisticated grooming experience in a male oriented environment. Until now. Raula, home to a stunning ambience and a masculine setting, has a team of…

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